Masa Protocol

Identity Infrastructure for Developers Building Web3 Communities

What is a Soulbound Token?


Build and scale web3 communities
using composable identity infrastructure

Get started with Masa’s developer quick start guides, CLIs, SDKs, react SDKs.
Our low-code Masa boilerplate requires as little as 5 minutes to deploy an identity smart contract.

Step 1: Acquire Users

Domain Names

A custom domain name NFT to show community affinity and drive virality (e.g. vitalik.soul, ken.barbie)

Achievement Badges

A soulbound badge that represents a user’s community contribution (e.g. 2023 top minter)

Step 2: Retain Users


A reusable soulbound badge that kills bots at a 99% effectiveness

Status Badges

A soulbound badge that represents a user’s community status (e.g. OG badge)

Step 3: Verify Users


A web3-native referral program that enables viral loops and establishes wallet-level attributions

Wallet Screening

A reusable soulbound badge that screens wallet for sanctions and blacklists

Masa for you

Create and use your web3
cross-chain identity

Explore our ecosystem of soulbound apps, each with their own domain names, special perks, rewards - all powered by Masa

What is Masa?

Masa, also known as maize or corn, was a food stable upon which civilizations were built. Masa dough was used for trade and served as the building blocks of thriving communities.


Our vision is to bring humanity on-chain by giving developers the tools needed to build thriving web3 communities.

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Masa is the identity infrastructure for developers building web3 communities.


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