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Masa makes DeFi accessible to anyone

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10,000 Data sources in 78 countries

Connect bank, credit bureau, crypto,
and other data in your market

Complete scoring including crypto assets

Create a NFT credit score with attributes
from all of your assets

Access the best deals from trusted lenders

Connect your accounts and Masa partners you with lenders that offer the best loans and credit products for you.

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Join the worlds first credit DAO

Today’s system for building and accessing credit is leaving many people without access to the tools they need to leverage to build wealth.

Masa democratizes credit–empowering people to build credit and access loans in a way that's fairer, faster, and cheaper. We are building a more equitable future that unlocks choices and opportunity.

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July 24, 2022

Welcome to the new Masa - We’ve built our new brand and website around our community

We wanted a brand that befitted our amazing community, a brand they could be proud to represent and advocate for, and a website that improved delivery of information and updates.

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June 9, 2022

We’ve come a long way — Masa’s focus post pre-seed investment

You may have seen the news in Tech Crunch this morning. Our pre-seed raise was a culmination of a team and community effort and we’re incredibly excited to share our success with the world.

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Masa is a decentralized financial data platform that allows you to own and share your financial data with one-click. Validate data on-chain with $CORN.






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