Masa Soulbound Identity

The premiere web3 identity and credit protocol

What is a Soulbound Token?

Masa for you

Mint your .soul name and create your web3 identity

Your unique .soul name and digital identity will unlock access to web3 lending, souldrops, one-click NFT allowlist registration, and more!


Use Masa's web3 credit score

Use Masa's decentralized credit score and tap into decentrailized liquidity pools to grow your loan book


Build exciting products on web3’s first soulbound identity

Access Masa's smart contract interface and simple developer API.
Deploy soulbound smart contracts, request credit scores and private data for DeFi applications.

Soulbound Credit Scores

Create your decentralized financial products with Soulbound Credit Scores

Smart Contracts

Deploy Soulbound Token Smart Contracts

Private data via ZKP

Mint, burn, request private data via ZKP private transaction layer

What is Masa?

Masa, also known as maize or corn, was a food staple upon which civilizations were built. Masa dough was used for trade and served as the building block of thriving communities.


Masa is on a mission to bring the next 1 billion people to web3. We do this by building a more equitable financial system that unlocks choice and opportunity for 4.95 billion people.


Our vision is to build web3's first soulbound identity protocol.

Masa Media Coverage

January 16, 2023

Masa Soul Name NFT Mint & Mainnet Launch Guide

The Masa Soul Name NFT mint and Mainnet launch is happening tomorrow, on January 17th! The countdown is on… Read More.



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February 13, 2023

Inside the Masa Web3 Credit Score SBT

Masa Credit Score SBTs is a Web3 Credit Score SBT in partnership with Cred Protocol, whose web3 credit scoring technology focuses on users’ on-chain creditworthiness. Read More.

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Masa is your web3 soulbound identity that unlocks access to decentralized credit and financial products globally.






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