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Masa is architecting the “decentralized Google” for the AI era. We are building an open, incentivized, and privacy-by-default economy for the world's personal data.

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Data-Driven Growth for Web3 Ecosystems and Dapps

Grow your community and product utilizing Masa Growth campaigns. Supercharge your data-driven user and campaign insights with Masa Analytics.

Masa Analytics

The first privacy-preserving, cookieless analytics solution for web3. Understand user behavior, track campaigns, and segment users with just 3 lines of code.

Masa Growth

Gamified quests, badges and domain names that incentivize community engagement and boost product usage. Supercharge your growth with Masa Growth campaigns.

Developer Hub

Build on the world’s largest privacy-preserved global user data network. An interface and tools for developers to build a new class of privacy-preserving, decentralized applications and AI models on our zk-data network.

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Earn Rewards

Earn rewards, complete quests, and mint badges from trending communities. Visit our Masa App to also refer friends, stake your personal data, and more.

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The Masa Token

MASA is the utility token powering our data network, marketplace and global community. Earn MASA by staking your personal data.

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The Masa Network

Ushering in a New Era of
Privacy-by-Default AI


Your personal data locker. Protect, manage and monetize your digital footprint in your personal zero-knowledge Soulbound Token.


The privacy-preserving data exchange layer, supported by a decentralized network of oracle nodes.

Masa Blockchain

The data access layer built on the Avalanche Subnet.

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