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About Masa

Masa is an open, incentivized, and privacy-by-default economy for the world’s personal data. A world where data is privacy-by-default. A world where users are able to own, manage and monetize their personal data. A world where millions of businesses engage with billions of users in a new data paradigm powered by Masa.We welcome you to join us in building the new data paradigm.

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Our Values

High Performance

As a team, we are passionate about, and strive for, excellence. Each day we focus on iteration and continual improvement, both of ourselves and all elements of our business.


We value diversity, equity, and inclusion within our team and community. The best ideas and insights come by cultivating a team of diverse individuals with different backgrounds, identities, and experiences.


We empower our team to achieve their highest potential. We take part in personal and professional development initiatives, investing in each other, and striving to lift each other up as a team on a daily basis.


As a Masa team member, you can expect full transparency about everything from our finances, to our product roadmap, to the ins and outs of each team’s day to day.

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