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1. Connect to Testnet

Connect your Metamask wallet to the Ethereum Goerli Testnet

  • Log in to your Metamask wallet and click on the dropdown of networks.
  • Click on "Add Network."
  • In the left sidebar click on "Networks," select the Ethereum Goerli testnet.

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2. Receive Test ETH

Receive test ETH to use on the Ethereum Goerli Testnet

  • Go to
  • Enter your wallet address or ENS Domain. You may need to register for an Alchemy account, or find another goerli faucet online.
  • Once the transaction is confirmed you will be able to see 0.1 Goerli ETH in your Metamask wallet.

3. Mint Masa SBTs

Have fun minting Masa SBTs!

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Soulbound Tokens: Unlock the Infinite Potential of Web3

If you missed the launch of ENS domains, or benefitted from it greatly, you won't want to miss the launch of the first Soulbound Token NFT. Mint multiple .soul names and trade your NFTs on OpenSea.

Get on the allowlist to get early access to claim your unique .soul name before it's taken!

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Masa Ecosystem &
Soulbound Identity

As Masa expands its ecosystem, developers will utilize Masa
Soulbound Identity across various platforms and
decentralized applications.

Use your unique .soul name to unlock applications such as:

  • Decentralized Credit Scores
  • Soulbound Token Single Sign-On
  • Soulbound Airdrops
  • One-Click NFT Allowlist Registration
  • Web3 KYC and ID Verification
  • Proof-of-Particpation
  • GameFi Applications
  • Proof-of-Identity for DAO governance voting
...and more

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I be able to mint my .soul name on mainnet?

Mainnet is launching in the near future. Join our Masa Discord channel to stay tuned to the latest updates.

2. Will .soul names on testnet be carried over to mainnet?

No, you'll have to re-mint your .soul name on mainnet to claim it. However, by minting on testnet you'll reserve your early access spot to mint your .soul name on mainnet.

3. Is there a fee to mint your .soul name?

There is a sliding scale fee based on the rarity of your .soul name. For example, the fewer the characters, the rarer your .soul name is.

4. How will the airdrop work?

If you're one of the first 50,000 mainnet .soul minters, you'll be automatically eligible to receive the airdrop when the Masa Token goes live.

5. Can I trade my .soul name on OpenSea?

Yes, your .soul name will be tradable on OpenSea! All .soul mints will be automatically published as NFTs on Open Sea and can be viewed when you connect your wallet.

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Masa is your web3 soulbound identity that unlocks access to decentralized credit and financial products globally.






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