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By Zac Russell · January 27, 2022

Masa, also known as maize or corn, was a food staple upon which civilizations were built. Masa dough, made from maize flour, was used to make tortillas, tamales, etc. It was used for trade and served as the building block of thriving communities.

Over time, as traditional financial systems evolved they left behind vast segments of the population that have little or no means to build credit and participate in the global economy. Masa Finance was created to help the billions of people around the world that are unbanked and credit invisible. Masa will enable personal finance management, the creation of your decentralized credit score, and access to uncollateralized loans. We believe access to these financial products is a building block for generating personal wealth and community building- much like Masa supported the growth of civilizations before us.

By making credit infrastructure accessible to decentralized credit markets, DeFi platforms can launch a broader set of credit use cases to take DeFi mainstream, opening DeFi to a $2.5 trillion household lending market. Uncollateralized lending has been the hard-to-achieve holy grail of the DeFi ecosystem since 2017.

The Problems We Solve For:

Uncollateralized loans

95% of the lending in DeFi is collateralized or overcollateralized when a person taking out a loan must post collateral in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) to take out a loan at a given Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. To take DeFi mainstream un/undercollateralized lending should be accessible to creditworthy people looking for better credit terms than currently offered by banks.

Credit Scores are Siloed

Credit markets in the DeFi ecosystem are prevented from reaching mainstream lending markets due to the lack of critical credit infrastructure that can trustlessly measure and price risk in real-time for use in smart contracts and DeFi credit products.

Developer access and usability

There is currently no middleware connecting traditional finance with DeFi and developer cannot access encrypted financial data for smart contracts

Join us!

Masa gives individuals and businesses a personalized finance management interface that enables the secure aggregation of off-chain and on-chain data to calculate a sharable decentralized credit score.

At launch, Masa supports seven countries with traditional financial data integrations; combined with global cryptocurrency coverage; this opens up a market of 3.3 billion prime and invisible prime people through its credit infrastructure.

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