Masa Q2 Community Update: Thriving in a Bear Market

GM! Q2 proved to be a remarkable quarter for Masa, filled with achievements and milestones.

By Masa Team · July 18, 2023

GM! Q2 proved to be a remarkable quarter for Masa, filled with achievements and milestones.

Masa is pioneering our intelligent growth and analytics infrastructure for the web3 ecosystem. In April, we proudly stood out among 1,500 global projects and earned 1 of the 12 coveted spots in Binance’s exclusive Most-Valuable Builder accelerator. We were privileged to have received advice from the Binance and BNB ecosystem, including Binance’s co-founders CZ and Yi.

During the 11-week accelerator program, we successfully launched new products, went live with over 60 partners, and experienced a staggering growth, nearly doubling our traction to reach 500K unique wallets and 1.5M identifier mints using the Masa infrastructure.

What Masa pioneers is clearly resonating: On Binance Accelerator Demo Day, Masa won an overwhelming 40% of investor votes, cementing its #1 position in the entire Binance Accelerator cohort. This landslide victory demonstrates that Masa is making waves, even in the midst of a challenging bear market.

Let’s delve into the highlights of Masa’s Q2'2023 accomplishments and take a sneak peek into the exciting road ahead.

60+ Partners Launched in Q2

It’s often said, but can never be said enough: community is everything in web3. A project’s foundation is only as strong as the base which supports it. At Masa, we’ve been fortunate to foster one of the fastest-growing communities in web3. In Q2, we transformed our secret sauce into tangible products, empowering over 60 partners to expand their communities with Masa.

From Layer 1 and Layer 2 communities like BaseCelo, and Injective, to popular web3 games such as TopGoalMetaApesPlantCrossing, and Acormia, and even DeFi powerhouses like DackiesValoraGoodDollar, and Solid World — every project understands the importance of intelligent community growth, especially during a bear market. By utilizing Masa’s infrastructure, projects can incentivize positive product usage and cultivate a highly-engaged community of contributors.

Are you a new project trying to acquire your first 5,000 users?


Are you an established project trying to retain your MVP users?

 Take a look at our insightful case studies to see how Masa can help.

Thriving Ecosystems with 500K+ Users Across 5 Blockchains

In January, Masa made its debut on the Ethereum Mainnet. In the past six months, we’ve rapidly expanded our protocolto five blockchains: Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and the Base Testnet.

In Q2, we have built robust partner ecosystems on these blockchains.

Polygon, as one of our earliest partners, has been instrumental in supporting new projects like Solid World and Arcomia in growing their communities with Masa. Masa’s participation in the Binance Most-Valuable Builder Accelerator supercharged our go-to-market efforts on the BNB Chain, resulting in three of the top 10 games on BNB going live with Masa within a month.

On the Base Testnet, we nurtured a community of over 230K unique users and launched with some of the most rapidly growing communities built on Base, including Dackies, Innovaz, CloudBase, Vaissel, Base Universe, and Base Advocates. On the Celo Mainnet, Masa attracted 60K unique users and powered over 338K .celo domains. Masa has built a unique partner ecosystem on Celo, integrating with top builders such as Valora and GoodDollar, as well as collaborating with more than 30 emerging projects.

Exponential Community Growth

Our community is the heart and soul of Masa, and we are eternally grateful for your unwavering support! Our participation in the Binance Most-Valuable-Builder Accelerator has introduced Masa to global web3 communities. As a result, in Q2, our community has grown to include 39K Discord members (+15K since Q1), 80K Twitter followers (+37K since Q1), and 83K Telegram members.

During Q2, we proudly recognized 155 community contributors from over 30 countries as Masa Ambassadors. We want to extend a special shoutout to our beloved community manager (Dilligaf), moderators (Hryhorii.soul, Nikita.soul, cosmic.soul, Metatron.soul, and many more), and the 300+ Masa Ambassadors (cryptonic1, Dada, ivandh91, GP, Bagbekoff, stan.soul, and countless others). Your enthusiasm and support continue to inspire us, and we are thrilled to embark on the next chapter of Masa alongside each and every one of you.

Media and Conference Highlights

Throughout Q2, we had the honor of sharing our journey on some of the world’s largest stages. We 

took stage at Consensus

, the world’s largest crypto conference, captivating the audience with our vision. Our launch on the Base blockchain landed us an 

exclusive feature with CoinTelegraph

, showcasing Masa’s innovative capabilities. Media outlets like 

Crypto News

 covered our participation in the Binance accelerator, while 


 highlighted the release of our Whitepaper and zkSBT. We even had the pleasure of being interviewed by 


 to cover the launch ofLouis Vuitton’s SBT. Moreover, we collaborated with leading experts across the globe on the 

World Economic Forum’s Reimagining Digital ID paper

, contributing to the vision of global, decentralized identities.

What’s Next: A Glimpse into Q3'2023

Let’s be real: web3 is a wild west of fragmented users and data. It’s overwhelming.

Masa Growth product helps projects build and grow active communities. Our new Masa Analytics product will empower projects to intelligently analyze and retain loyal community members, without ever compromising user privacy. Projects spend millions on airdrops, but don’t know how to retain their users. This leaves projects stuck in temporary hype cycles, and can’t even tell who are bots, real users, unique users, and valuable users in their community.

Currently, Masa Analytics is in the alpha testing phase, working closely with some of the most prominent projects in web3. We are set out to radically transform data privacy and accessibility in web3 analytics. Stay tuned for our exciting announcements!

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