Masa Soul Name NFT Mint & Mainnet Launch Guide

The Masa Soul Name NFT mint and Mainnet launch is happening tomorrow, on January 17th! The countdown is on…

By Masa Team · January 16, 2023

The Masa Soul Name NFT mint and Mainnet launch is happening tomorrow, on January 17th! The countdown is on…

With over 250,000 community members pre-registered, this highly anticipated event marks an important milestone for Masa, the premier soulbound identity and token protocol, as well as the web3 community at-large.

Here is everything you need to know to prepare for launch day….

What time is the Masa Soul Name NFT mint?

  • Allowlist early access will open at 1 pm UTC // 8 am ET on January 17th.

  • Public access will open at 4 pm UTC // 11 am ET on January 17th.

Allowlist & Early Access NFT mint:

If you minted a Masa Soul Name (MSN) on any of our testnet environments, Alfajores or Goerli ETH, then you are automatically on the allowlist to get early access for the mainnet launch.

On Masa Mainnet launch day, all users who signed up for the 


 will automatically have an exclusive 3-hour window to mint .soul names before the public mainnet launch. There will be a limit of 5-mints per allowlist-registered wallet user during the early access period.

Note: Please make sure to use the same wallet address you used to mint a .soul name on testnet and register for the allowlist. Your wallet address you minted with on testnet will be whitelisted and grant you access to the early access mint.

As we prepare for the launch the allowlist window is now currently closed for registration.

Public Access NFT mint:

Once we open the mint to the general public, all users are welcome to come and mint their .soul names. There will be no limit on the amount of .soul names you can mint once public access opens.

Get ready to act fast and mint your rare .soul names!

How do I mint my .soul name NFT?

  1. Once access opens, visit

    Please only click links shared by official Masa social channels.

  2. Follow the links provided on the landing page to Masa Dashboard.

  3. Connect your wallet and authenticate it on the Masa Dashboard.

  4. Create your Masa Soulbound Identity and approve the transaction.

  5. You’ll be prompted to create and mint your .soul name

  6. Pick a rare .soul name, the time-frame you’d like to register it for and claim your soul.

  7. Approve the transaction & success, that’s it!

After you mint your first .soul name, go to the Masa dashboard, click on “soul names,” and feel free to mint as many as you like! Additionally, you can also mint your web3 credit report on the Masa Dashboard.

What are Masa Soul Names (MSNs)?

MSN: Masa Soul Names are your passport to the world of web3. They are a 1-of-1 NFT, which are custom-branded, transferable, tradable, and can be assigned to your identity SBT. Soul names simplify the highly technical components of Soulbound Tokens into human-readable domain names for your Soulbound Identity.

As Soulbound Tokens become the standard, your soul name will build reputation, notoriety, and track your participation and achievements. Your .soul name will be your moniker across wallets, Dapps, games, communities and beyond

What makes Masa Soul Names (.soul) valuable?

Masa Soul Names, by design, are rare due to their uniqueness and limited supply. Simple characters, single emojis, or clever soul names will be the most rare and sought-after. They are easy to remember, use and can achieve fame in web3.

Examples of rare .soul names:

  • Single emojis: 🚀.soul & 🤩.soul

  • Single characters: A.soul, Z.soul & 2.soul

  • Double emojis & characters: AZ.soul, 22.soul & 👽👽.soul

  • Names: vitalik.soul, ETH.soul & paradigm.soul

  • Brands: alpha.soul, cola.soul, ⭐💵.soul

Rare soul names can be 1 to 7+ characters. It’s really the clever combination of characters, numbers and emojis which will be highly sought after.

Masa Soul Names are utility-driven

Your .soul name is a human-readable domain name for your soulbound identity #SBT. Your soulbound identity is your anchor for building an on-chain reputation, which will unlock perks, utility and value.

Here are two examples of how to use your Masa SBTs in 2023:

  • Lending: Credit is the lifeblood of financial health, but it’s a broken system. Billions of people are credit invisible and lack the ability to access lending — whether to start a business, buy a home or for a medical operation. Crypto and blockchain open up an entire new way for users to build an unbiased financial history, which can be utilized to establish creditworthiness. At Masa, we aggregated 10,000+ web3 and web2 data sources to create a Credit Report SBT. You can use your Masa Credit Report SBT in applying for a DeFi loan through Masa partners, such as



  • Authentication/KYC: Trust and authenticity is a problem in web2 and web3. Organizations, such as Twitter, have had challenges trying to verify real humans from bots. This is also a huge headache for NFT projects, airdrop campaigns, web3 games, DAOs and limits the scale of what utility web3 can deliver. We created Masa Green SBT, a multi-level user authentication system linked to a Masa Soulbound Identity. This includes 2-factor authentication, KYC and other advanced identity verification methods. Masa Green SBT solves the authentication headache for web3 developers while protecting privacy for users, unlocking exclusive perks.

At Masa, we are rapidly developing more use cases and tapping into more utility partners for Masa SBTs. As SBTs become more prevalent in web3, your .soul names will gain utility.

How much do .Soul Names cost?

We have thoughtfully designed a Masa Soul Name pricing structure (see below), after incorporating community feedback and considering accessibility and lessons from other domain services.

It was critical to us that Masa Soul Names are accessible to everyone, which is why 5 character and up .soul names are only $10 to own for a year. On the contrary, The fewer the characters, the rarer the soul names. There are a very limited number of soul names available with 1 character, and thus the highest price.

All soul name prices are for annual registration. Users are welcome to register their soul names for longer durations of time to ensure they lock up their rare soul name for the future.

Trade your .soul name on OpenSea Instantly!

Masa Soul Names will be immediately viewable and available to trade on OpenSea. Go to the Masa Dashboard, click on “See on OpenSea,” and you’ll see your Masa Soul Name NFT in your wallet. From there, you can start trading your unique and rare .soul names in the secondary market.

Note: Please only follow the OpenSea link from the Masa Dashboard to avoid scammers and fake accounts.

Am I eligible for the Masa Token Airdrop? How does it work?

As a token of appreciation for your support, the first 50,000 unique wallets that mint .soul names on the Ethereum mainnet will be eligible for the Masa Token Airdrop.

If you’re one of the first 50,000 to mint a .soul name on the Masa Mainnet , you’ll be automatically registered for the Masa Token airdrop. Masa will formally announce once the first 50,000 have been minted successfully.

Note: There is only one airdrop allocation per Soulbound verified-wallet. Minting multiple .soul names is encouraged, just keep in mind you’ll receive one airdrop eligibility per verified-wallet.

Wen Masa Token and Airdrop?

The Masa Token will be launched in 2023. The team is incredibly focused on bringing the first and premiere soulbound utility token to web3.

Please follow our official social channels (






) to get the latest updates and announcements on Masa, the Token and when the Airdrop will be distributed.

Only click on official links & avoid scams

Scams and bots are on the rise, and we want to make sure you’re protected. Please only click on links shared directly from Masa’s official social channels, and stay on the lookout for fake accounts.

Masa and team members will never reach out to you personally. Avoid random links from Discord or Twitter DMs and stay safe!

Want to learn more about Masa?

Read more on Masa Soul Names: 

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Welcome to Masa 2.0


We’re excited to see what name you mint and you claim for your Soulbound Identity. Welcome to the 2023, the Masa moon mission 🌕

Be a part of the Masa Community 🌽








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