How to Register for the Masa Token Airdrop & .Soul Allowlist

Get early access to our mainnet launch!

By Masa Team · November 16, 2022

Today, Masa is launching our allowlist sign-up - so our fast-growing community can get early access to mint their .soul name NFT on mainnet and participate in our Masa Token Airdrop.

To celebrate our upcoming mainnet, we’re doing a massive airdrop for our community and mainnet minters as a token of our appreciation! 

In this blog, we’ll explore how to register for the allowlist, airdrop, and what’s next for Masa.

Masa Mainnet is Coming 

With 80,000+ users on testnet, our Masa Soulbound Identity protocol is coming to Ethereum Mainnet in the near future!

The next evolution of Masa is to fortify ourselves as the premier soulbound identity and credit protocol; with .soul name NFTs being a crucial part of an on-chain identity.

A .soul name is a human-readable address that resolves to a user’s Soulbound Identity — think ENS domain name for Soulbound Tokens. At launch you’ll be able to claim .soul names with emojis, numerals and letters, such as 🚀.soul, wagmi.soul, vitalik.soul. 

Similar to other domain services, single to triple character names and emojis will be the rarest and of the highest value. They are simple, recognizable and easy to use.

Your .soul name can help track your loyalty, participation, and fair reward distribution, while preventing manipulation. As .soul name becomes the web3 standard for Soulbound Identity, it will unlock the following functional utilities:

  • Personal web3 branding

  • Apply for a DeFi Loan

  • Register for airdrops

  • One-click NFT registration

  • SBT Single Sign-On

  • Access to DeFi lending

  • DAO governance voting

…and more. .soul names will be purchased on the Masa Protocol and tradable on OpenSea.

Get on the allowlist to be one of the first to mint your .soul name! This will give you the opportunity to mint rare and valuable soul names before they open to the public. Act fast to qualify for the Masa Token Airdrop by following the instructions below…

Our mainnet launch will give users the ability to:

  • Claim and mint their unique .soul name NFT 

  • See and trade their .soul name NFTs on OpenSea

  • Create their Masa Soulbound Identity

  • Mint their web3 credit report

  • First 50,000 mainnet minters will receive the Masa Token Airdrop

How to Register for the Allowlist & Airdrop

To register for the allowlist and airdrop, you must complete all the steps laid out below on the

Masa dashboard


Step 1: Connect Your Metamask Wallet to the Goerli Testnet (



  • Log in to your Metamask wallet and click on the dropdown of networks.

  • Click on Add Network. A new window will pop up. Now in the left sidebar click on “Networks”, a new window will appear. Select “Goerli test network”

  • Now click on the “Advanced” in the left side bar. In the “Advanced” tab when you scroll down, you will find the “Show test networks” option, just put it “ON”. After completing these steps you can find the Goerli test network in the dropdown list of networks on your Metamask wallet (optional)

Step 2: How to Receive Test Ethereum

  • Go to

  • Enter your wallet address or ENS Domain. You may need to register for an Alchemy account, or find another Goerli faucet online

  • Once the transaction is confirmed you will be able to see 0.1 Goerli ETH in your Metamask wallet

Step 3: Mint a .Soul Name on the Masa Dashboard

Step 4: First 50,000 to mint their .soul on mainnet qualify for the airdrop

  • Masa will announce when the early access to mainnet goes live.

  • Be one of the first 50,000 users to mint your .soul name on mainnet, and you’ll automatically be registered for the airdrop.

  • Once the token goes live in 2023, we’ll email you a form to fill out to confirm receipt of the airdrop.

Get started by registering for the

allowlist here

And now we countdown until mainnet 🚀

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