Masa x Injective: The Top Blockchain Built for Finance Launches their Soulbound Token

The Global Injective Community can Claim their Free Limited-Edition Soulbound Ninja Token

By Masa Team · July 13, 2023


Masa is thrilled to announce our integration with Injective, the #1 blockchain built for finance. Injective has taken the web3 community by storm by rapidly growing to become one of the largest financial ecosystems. Injective has built a thriving global community of developers and projects building on the protocol, and an incredibly engaged community.

In celebration of the loyal Injective community, we’ve joined forces to introduce the Soulbound Ninja Token. This exclusive SBT badge is available to mint for free. By joining the Injective Discord community, users can claim their limited-edition SBT and gain elite community status, along with access to special perks, early access roles and rewards within the ecosystem.

Moreover, Masa brings our cutting-edge social analytics platform to the table, providing Injective with invaluable insights about their SBT holder community. With Masa Analytics, Injective can identify power users in its community without compromising user privacy. These insights can enable Injective to gain community insights and reward the power users.

Injective’s remarkable growth is evident in their impressive sub 1 second block times, over 250 million on-chain transactions totaling over $10 billion in volume across the ecosystem, and a Twitter following of over 300,000. Week after week, new DeFi projects, dApps, games, and NFTs emerge on the Injective platform, solidifying its status as the breakout star of the blockchain world in 2023.

Embark on the ultimate journey with us Injective community. Rise to the ranks of top ninjas and secure your well-deserved community blackbelt. Join the bustling Injective Discord now and seize the opportunity to mint your very own Soulbound Ninja Token. Take the leap and unleash your ninja spirit today!

In Conclusion

Masa is honored to collaborate with the industry’s leading blockchain protocols and web3 projects, forging new paths in the digital frontier. Injective has continued to impress with its remarkable growth and unwavering community dedication. Together, we are delighted to present the esteemed web3 ninjas of Injective with their exclusive Soulbound Ninja community SBT badge.

The future is bright for Injective, as its scalable platform propels the rapid expansion of its vibrant community. Be part of history as you become a proud holder of Injective’s coveted soulbound token. Join the movement and mint your Soulbound Ninja SBT today. Together, we will shape the destiny of web3.





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