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Who is Masa For

Masa is for all community builders.
New, growing and established projects are welcome.


Identify and grow the most valuable users

Understand user behaviors on- and off-chain

Get in-depth analytics in one unified view

Grow Your Web3 Community in 4 Steps

Step 1


  • Want to know who are the most valuable users in your community? Want to get on- and off-chain user attribution without compromising user privacy?
  • Install 3 lines of code, access and analyze a complete view of your users in one unified view

Step 2

Community SBT

Sucess Story

~17,000 new users acquired in 10 days for Dackie community

  • Want to attract your first 5,000 community members? Grow your community before a major launch? Want to eliminate bots from an upcoming airdrop?
  • Use a limited-edition Soulbound Token, your native token or stablecoin to bootstrap your community and product growth.
  • Incentivize product usage and community growth directly with your SBT drop.

Step 3


Sucess Story

44,000+ 2FA-verified new users acquired via Referral

  • Want to activate the viral community growth? Use your native token to incentivize referrals? Want to track full-funnel event data and attribution on-chain?
  • Build a custom on-chain SBT referral program with Masa to create viral loop campaigns. Incentivize power users, activate the power of referral marketing, and get rich on-chain event data for attribution.

Step 4

Domain Names

Sucess Story

160,000+ new users acquired and 186,000+ custom soulnames minted in 7 days

  • Want to bring your community to the next level? Showcase on-chain affinity and belonging through custom soulbound domain names?
  • Learn how to deploy custom domains, handles and gamer tags for your community on Masa Protocol. Personalize your community experience with community domains.

Harness the power of Masa's growth products

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