1. Connect

Connect your Metamask wallet to the Masa Dashboard

  • Authenticate your wallet and sign the transaction

2. Create

Create your Masa Soulbound Identity - SBT

  • As you log-in, you will be prompted to mint your Masa Soulbound Identity Token.
  • This is a non-transferable NFT which is associated with your wallet and represents the uniquness of your web3 identity

3. Mint

Mint .Soul Name NFTs

  • At onboarding, you will be prompted to mint your .soul NFT.
  • Confirm the registration period and claim your .soul name.
  • Fees based on rarity do apply - (See below)
  • Feel free to mint as many as you like from Masa Dashboard!

4. Trade

Trade your .Soul Names on OpenSea

  • Once you mint your .soul names, they will be instantly viewable on OpenSea once you connect your wallet.
  • View the .soul marketplace through “See in OpenSea” on the Masa dashboard.

Soulbound Identity & Your .Soul Name

Unlock the Infinite Potential of Web3

If you missed the launch of ENS domains, or benefitted from it greatly, you won’t want to miss minting the first Soulbound Identity NFTs. Mint multiple .soul names and trade them on OpenSea.

Mint Now

Masa Ecosystem & Soulbound Identity

As Masa expands its ecosystem, developers will utilize Masa Soulbound Identity across various platforms and decentralized applications. Your unique .soul name and digital identity will unlock access to use cases such as….

  • .Soul Name (ENS for Soulbound Identity)
  • Decentralized Credit Scores
  • Soulbound Airdrops
  • One-Click NFT Whitelist Registration
  • Soulbound Token Single Sign-On
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof-of-Participation
  • Community Reputation
...and more

Soul Name Rarity & Fees

Each .soul name has a price at mint relative to its character rarity. The tiered prices of the .soul names help ensure rarity is preserved within the market.

.Soul Name Length





5 and up

Mint Price (USD)






Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I mint my .soul name on mainnet?

Yes, mainnet is now live! Mint your .soul name here: app.masa.finance

2. When does early access open?

Early access opens 3-hours before the official mainnet launch goes live.

3. Will my .soul names on testnet be carried over to mainnet?

No, you have to re-mint your .soul name on mainnet to claim it.

4. Is there a fee to mint your .soul name on mainnet?

There is a sliding scale fee based on the rarity of your .soul name. The fewer the characters, the rarer your .soul name is. See above.

5. What can I do with my web3 credit score?

  • Your web3 credit score will build a decentralized reputation score that you can use to access DeFi lending and unlock other financial services.
  • Make sure that your wallet has several transactions to provide sufficient data to generate a web3 credit score.

6. I ran into an issue. How can I contact the Masa support team?

Please email help@masa.finance or use the chatbot on our website masa.finance to file a support ticket if you run into issues claiming your Soulbound Identity or Soulname.

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