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Explore our ecosystem of soulbound apps, each with their own domain names, special perks, rewards, and more!

1. Mint

Mint Your Soulbound Identity

Mint your soulbound identity and claim a unique .soul name NFT, which is tradable on OpenSea.

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2. Share

Invite Friends & Earn $MASA Tokens

Join the Masa Referral Program. Earn $MASA tokens when each friend you referred gets verified by minting a Masa Green SBT.

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3. Access

Unlock the infinite potential of web3 identity

You can now use your .soul name to unlock use cases from Masa’s ecosystem of partners and developers!

  • Proof-of-Status
  • Proof-of-Contribution
  • Soulbound Airdrops
  • One-Click Allowlist Registrations
  • Instant Loans
  • Proof-of-Identity
...and more

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Masa is the identity infrastructure for developers building web3 communities.


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