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Mint, own and trade your unique .soul name before it's claimed!

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Unlock on-chain credit & financial products

Connect your wallet and check out the best loans and credit products for you from Masa Partners

Sign onto various web3 applications in one-click

Use your Masa Soulbound Identity to access apps and finanical tools without revealing your identity

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1. Mint

Mint Your Soulbound Identity

You won't want to miss the launch of the first Soulbound Token NFT. Mint unique .soul name NFTs and trade them on OpenSea

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2. Create

Generate a Web3 Decentralized Credit Report

Masa mints an NFT credit report that has multiple attributes linked to off-chain and on-chain data sources you connected

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3. Share

Share data anonymously through our privacy protocol

The Masa protocol has a zero-knowledge privacy layer used to share financial data privately and securly with a lender or a developer

4. Access

Unlock the infinite potential of your web3 identity with Masa Partners

You can now use your .soul name to unlock use cases from Masa's ecosystem of partners and developers!

  • Reduced-collateralized loans
  • Soulbound Token Single Sign-On
  • Soulbound Airdrops
  • One-Click NFT Whitelist Registration
  • Web3 KYC and ID Verification
  • Proof-of-Particpation
  • GameFi Applications
  • Proof-of-Identity for DAO governance voting
...and more

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January 16, 2023

Masa Soul Name NFT Mint & Mainnet Launch Guide

The Masa Soul Name NFT mint and Mainnet launch is happening tomorrow, on January 17th! The countdown is on… Read More.



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February 13, 2023

Inside the Masa Web3 Credit Score SBT

Masa Credit Score SBTs is a Web3 Credit Score SBT in partnership with Cred Protocol, whose web3 credit scoring technology focuses on users’ on-chain creditworthiness. Read More.

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Masa is your web3 soulbound identity that unlocks access to decentralized credit and financial products globally.






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