Masa Analytics

Privacy-Preserving Google Analytics for Web3

Harness the power of your data. Data-driven user insights and privacy-preserving analytics for you to acquire, retain and
engage web3 unique users.

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Integration is Easy

Masa Analytics can be integrated with just 3-lines of code.
No sophisticated development work required.

Start tracking your data today using our analytics script or SDK.

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Using our javascript tracking code you can install Masa Analytics in the <head> of your website pages and you app pages.

<script src=''></script>

Using our Typescript SDK you can create highly customizable tracking events for your app.

npm install @masa-finance/analytics-react
yarn add @masa-finance/analytics-react

Read our Masa React SDK integration guide here

Masa Analytics is for...

Layer 1 & 2 Blockchains
Layer 1 & 2 Blockchains
DEX's & DeFi
DEX's & DeFi
Gaming & Metaverses
Gaming & Metaverses
Web2 Enterprises
Web2 Enterprises

Real-Time Unique User Insights & Attribution

Masa Analytics follows the journey of your unique users, including their behaviors, devices, on-chain and off-chain actions.

Say goodbye to cookies and trying to understand users by analyzing anonymous wallets. Our Zero-Knowledge Soulbound Tokens are revolutionaizing the way data is tracked in web3.


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Unified Data & Event Tracking

Finally, you can bridge the gap between web2 & web3 events. Track a user across your website, decentralized applications, as well as their behavior across social and the web3 universe.


Wallet Interactions

Message signing, swap, trade, and mint types - ERC-10 & SBT & NFT

User Data

Demographics, regional activity and user activity times.

Social Events

Twitter, Discord, and other social media activity.

Web2 Frontend Events

Site visits, clicks, return visits, as well as attribution data.

Identity Events

KYC, 2-factor verification, and sanctions checks, all permissioned by the user and encrypted with zk-proofs.

Other Event Data

Custom event data API. Grant permission to transport data onchain, available through zk-knowledge data infrastructure layer.

Grow Your Most
Valuable Users

Build your user data set and answer
some of you most critical questions.

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  • Who are your unique users?
  • Who are your most loyal users?
  • What users are returning?
  • What is the average trade value of your users?
  • Who are the most valuable users based on assets?
  • Who are the most frequent DeFi traders?
  • What other Dapps, Wallets or platforms are visited?

Built in Privacy

Masa's cookieless analytics adopts a privacy approach to data. Traditional analytics tools utilize cookies for tracking, but our analytics engine is powered by zero-knowledge Soulbound Tokens (zkSBTs).

Our zkSBTs power our decentralized zero-knowledge data infrastructure to securely encrypt and store web3 user's data using trustless and permissionless infrastructure.

Harness the power of
Masa Analytics

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Masa is the leading zk-data network.
Powering the AI revolution


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