The Masa Token

Powering the leading zk-data
Marketplace & Network

What is the
Masa Token?

MASA is the utility token powering our data
network, marketplace and global community.
Vote on proposals, stake for rewards, and earn
MASA for monetizing your data. Designed to align
incentives in our novel data economy.

Masa Token Utility & Use Cases

Earn Masa

Earn token rewards for supplying your data to the Masa Network. Monetize your data, while ensuring it always remains private.

Stake Masa

Stake MASA with node operators or run your own node on the Avalanche subnet.

Pay with Masa

Businesses and projects accessing the Masa Network pay with MASA tokens to access data and services. Fees are distributed to oracle nodes, validators, user wallets and the DAO.

Burn Masa

A percentage of all fees are burned and returned to the protocol.

Govern With Masa

Vote on proposals such as technical upgrades and fee structures.

The Masa Token

The highly-anticipated Masa Network and MASA Token launch is coming in 2024.

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The Masa
Network &
Token Launch

Our unique and sophisticated airdrop program is coming soon.We will honor our Masa Soul Name holders, SBT campaign participants and loyal community members.

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